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Managed IT Support Services | Incognito IT | Expert IT Services & Consulting


Managed IT Support Services

Incognito IT's Managed IT Support Services are perfect for any small or medium business that is looking for full-fledged IT support without the expenditure or inconvenience of hiring an in-house IT staff.

Once we sign the contract, you kick back, and we take care of IT for you. For all intents and purposes, we become your IT Manager.

We do know that managing a budget can be stressful, so all of our Managed IT Support packages are based on a fixed, monthly per-machine cost. We also offer per-user options, for businesses that have several devices per employee.


To get started, just schedule an appointment with one of our vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers)! We'll come visit your office, free of charge, and go over your current IT situation. We'll discuss your budget, your current frustrations, and where your business is going in the next few months.

Within 48 hours of our meeting, we'll deliver a full report on our findings (including a recommended action plan, a basic recommended budget, and a high-level overview of your current IT systems) at no additional cost, and will recommend one of our Managed IT Support packages.

Once you decide to purchase our services, we begin an on-boarding process that fully documents your IT infrastructure, reviews all of your employees' current technology issues, and starts a process to get your systems running with maximum efficiency and stability as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

I have a customized environment – Can you support me?

Absolutely! Our staff have seen hundreds of different environments, thousands of different users, and tens of thousands of different applications in their careers. Even if we don’t know your software already, we’re happy to arrange for one of our staff to take any available training from the software manufacturer in order to become a real expert in your environment!

Can you work within my budget?

Definitely! We offer a variety of packages, from 8×5 to 24/7/365 support, and for anything from entire environments to just one server/workstation/phone system! Our vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) work hard to build a package that is customized perfectly for you, and we won’t rest until the package we create meets your requirements AND stays under your budget!

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